If your bike has been stolen

1. Check the area in which it was stolen - a lot of larger bikes are pushed away using a moped and are parked up within a 1/2 mile radius for a few days (hidden) to see if the bike has a tracker installed. A lot of people insist they have done this only for us to find their bike nearby.

2. Report your stolen bike to the Police. In London, this can be done online, by following this link. It is vital that you report it to the Police, as the system we use to identify stolen motorcycles is based on this information. We will not recover vehicles which are not showing as stolen on Police systems.

3. Make a post on our public Facebook page, here. This allows us to share pictures of the bike with a large audience, maximising the chances that the bike is found.

4. Fill out the form below. This will give us contact details for you in the event that the bike is found. These details will not be used for any other reason, but will simply notify us of your details so we can call you directly once your bike is found. Please note, by submitting the form, you are confirming that you are the registered keeper of the motorcycle and that you are giving us authority to remove the motorcycle, if found, until you can be contacted. This removal and storage will not incur any fees.

By submitting the below form, you are also consenting for us to hold your information for the sole purpose of helping reunite you with your motorcycle, if found. Your details will not be shared with anyone and will only be used to assist in the recovery of your motorcycle. 

Stolen Motorcycle Form

Please only press the submit button once - a confirmation will appear at the top of the form if this is successful.