Our story

We're two fairly ordinary guys from London who have both been impacted by motorcycle theft and moped-enabled crime. 

We found that nobody was really paying attention to stolen motorcycles in London as the Police are often under-resourced. As a result of this, we decided to start looking for stolen motorcycles and returning them to their legitimate owners. 

How we operate

We rely on information passed to us by the public, through our social media or our website.

If you have spotted a motorcycle parked up that looks out of place, suspicious or doesn't belong in the area, please send us a few pictures along with the exact location. We will then have a look and see if we can identify the motorcycle as an outstanding stolen motorcycle, in which case it will be recovered back to its owner free of charge. 


We started off by funding the operation ourselves, out of our pocket. Although we are still the primary source of funding for the operation, we have received extremely generous assistance from the public on our crowd funding platforms and we could not be where we are today without their help.

Whilst we encourage Companies to donate to us, we do make it clear that we do not accept paid product endorsements nor do we accept donations from Companies we believe produce a sub-standard product.

Our ethos

Our highest priority remains the victims of motorcycle crime and we never seek to engage with the perpetrators of crime, nor do we make any effort to confront them. 

We do not endorse, agree with or support any form of vigilante activity towards criminals and we believe that the solution to the problem is a societal one. That being said, we exist to help the victims of crime and we aim to offer as much assistance as possible to those affected so that we can minimise the impact of motorcycle crime on them.